When does the game start? How long after I register will I receive my ebooks and checks?

The Millionaire’s Money Game is programmed to start whenever you register. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll receive an email with links to your Abundance Journal and Abundance Affirmations ebooks, so you can download them right away. You’ll begin receiving your virtual checks in your inbox the following day. You’ll receive one check each day for 21 consecutive days.

Why is the game 21 days long?

Dr Maxwell Maltz, who wrote the bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics, found that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. By following this program for 21 consecutive days, focusing consistently on abundance and prosperity, it will become a natural part of your life to *feel* abundant and prosperous. Your feelings create your experiences, so when you *feel* abundant and prosperous, you will *create* abundance and prosperity in your life.

Where will the checks be deposited? Do you need my bank account information?

This is a *virtual* program. The “checks” you’ll be receiving in your inbox each day are *virtual* checks from Spirit/The Universe, designed to expand your consciousness around money, abundance and prosperity. You’ll keep track of the increasing flow of money coming to you each day, in your Abundance Journal.

If the money is virtual, how do I spend it?

You’ll start by making your “Wish List.” Let your imagination run wild and think of all of the things you’d like to have, places you’d like to go, etc. There are also lots of ideas for you in your Abundance Journal.

Write down the things you’d like on your “Wish List” in your Abundance Journal. Then, each day, when you receive your virtual money, decide how you would like to spend it that day… what would you like to “buy”? You’ll keep track of all of your virtual purchases in your Abundance Journal.

I registered for the program but haven’t gotten any emails yet.

Many ISPs block legitimate emails because of their spam settings. Be sure to check your spam folder and see if the email is in there. Please add support@millionairesmoneygame.com to your Safe/Trusted Sender’s List with your email provider.

Any questions you didn’t get answered?

Just send us an email at support@millionairesmoneygame.com, and we’ll get back to you right away.