“I want to thank you for your work. After having tried many different tools and practices, etc. to evolve spiritually over the years a part of me was skeptical of noticing any results from my clearing/activations. Some things have worked for me; many have not.

It’s amazing to me that with both of the activations I felt them while they took place. I was always so happy to read your emails afterwards of when they took place to confirm the times I felt these sensations. My head spun in circles lightly, like it does on occasion while I am in deep meditation. Then I felt an inner peace and happiness along with a strong, lovely burst of energy.

My fiance has asked me what has gotten into me lately as I am no longer hiding from parts of my life like I had before.

I am so grateful that I took this leap of faith. You are the real deal. I am so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Laura Ferguson

“I wanted to let you know that yesterday was the first blissful day I think I’ve ever encountered! I could not have been happier and more care-free. I’m quite sure your clearing work was responsible for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Tamara Holmes

“Thank you for performing my DNA activation. The process was very interesting for me. I felt you connect with my energy very soon after beginning our telephone conversation. The session was very relaxing and peaceful, as well as fascinating.

Since my DNA activation, my perceptions have increased. I am fairly psychic and in tune with the energies around me, but I have noticed an increase in the visual portion of my perception. My ability to perceive in a very visual way has improved. Prior to the DNA activation, I was most perceptive through auditory and sense methods. I have noticed that if I relax my eyes, I can see the actual energy flows around things.

I am thrilled with the experience I have received thus far, and eagerly anticipate further enhancements to my life and healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly a gift to the world!"


Bonita Maxwell

“It took Deena just a few minutes to identify and resolve a problem that I had been unable to impact, although I had tried many approaches over several years.

Deena identified the problem as a belief that I would not have considered, yet her words felt true. As she did the energy work with me, I felt the energy pulling together into a dense ball at the chakra. Then it loosened and bubbled, and finally shifted and released.

The result has been a great lightness and relief from a limiting belief that I had for years without realizing it. I highly recommend Deena for assistance with releasing energy blocks.”

Anne Griffin
Olympia, Washington

“Thank you for the opportunity to experience DNA activation. I feel a more heightened connection. I could feel your contact with me more pronounced than before. I felt an energizing sensation, then a peaceful calm that made me smile.

I really have to say that I feel at peace this morning. I am more aware of things, more in perspective. It’s more of a knowing feeling. I am not stressing the small stuff, but handling the everyday “issues” at work and home with a renewed energy…and I am not tripping over my tongue as I usually do. There is more of a fluidity to my speech and thinking, like my brain has already shifted into gear before I speak.

I have always been able to “feel” others emotions; they have been almost overwhelming at times. I try to ease others’ discomfort if by no other means than to give them someone to talk to and confide in (my gift to them). This should make that easier and more natural for me to do.

I am really looking forward to the development over the next few years of the activations and the awakening that I have already begun to feel.

Thank you Deena for being you and for your gift to the world.”

Renée Rottacker
Puyallup, Washington

“The morning after my clearing, I noticed an immense calm and compassionate feeling wash over me. All of my [follow-up] clearings have been wonderful and instantaneous. I always know Deena has done my clearing for the day… it’s like an extra boost of goodness. I am very grateful for her wonderful healing services.”

Rochelle Verchick
Lakewood, Ohio

“I have benefited tremendously this past month from Deena’s Daily Clearing Program. When I say tremendously, I mean TREMENDOUSLY!!!

Right away I felt better. My energy and spirits were high and I remember emailing her and saying how great I felt. My business has picked up; I’ve found a healthy diet that is so easy and suits my lifestyle; I’m more energetic, and getting so many more things accomplished. I’ve been asked for a speaking engagement and money is coming in from unexpected avenues.

There’s more of course, but I think you get the picture of how powerful her work is. I highly, highly, recommend Deena. Stop “thinking” about using her services, and just do. You can only benefit from it as I have.

Thank you, Deena.”

Denise Klonsky

“I have been enjoying the benefits of energy work coaching with Deena Douglas for the past 6 weeks. I have been amazed at the overall shift in my thinking as well as my increased energy level and stamina.

She is an amazingly gifted individual with a strong intuitive sense for asking the right questions which always guide me to be able to release blocks in the flow of my energy.

It is always a pleasure to work with her. She is warm and thoroughly professional.

I can’t wait for our next session together. Thanks Deena for empowering me to keep the flow of my energy moving freely in the direction of my dreams.”

Karen Ostranger
Port Angeles, Washington

“Deena has put together techniques for eliminating food cravings that are amazing! I find myself forgetting to eat. I have had to talk myself into eating at times. My weight is gradually going down without feeling as though I need to ‘diet’.”

Suzanne Holman
Phoenix, Arizona

“My energy clearing session was very relaxing. When Deena [muscle] tested for the issue I brought up, she found a deeper issue, which I was not fully aware I had.

After the session, I felt very relaxed and much more self-confident and at ease with my situation. I am more at ease overall — a feeling of general contentment. The situation which had been affecting me now has very little impact or affect on me.”

Evie Coleman

“A week ago we did a session to address my french fry cravings. I have not craved french fries like I have in the past.

The other day for lunch, rather than going out so I could get some french fries, I actually made broccoli for my lunch side item! I am telling you that is an amazing and rare event.

I have had french fries two times in the last week since our call, so I still enjoy eating them and have an appetite for them (this is down from almost daily). The change I have noticed the most is that I don’t go out of my way to get french fries and am hungry for other foods instead.

I have had less desire for salty things (why I like french fries) and more desire for veggies and other less salty foods. Thanks!”

Christy Geiger
Shakopee, Minnesota

“I found my cravings disappeared, as well as the intense emotions I would feel when I was hungry. Rather than crabbing at my husband or finding something to eat while preparing dinner, I am rational again. Deena, you are excellent at explaining how the process works, and taking the additional time if needed to work with us one on one. Your process really works, and you are excellent at delivering it.

Thank you!”

Norma Reid
British Columbia, Canada

“I have really appreciated your cravings class. My cravings for chocolate, sugar, bread, French fries and coffee have been virtually eliminated with very little effort. You have developed an incredible technique!”

NJ Shelsby
Seattle, Washington

“Deena has helped us with her energy clearings, to be able to deal with issues and move forward with our lives. After our [first] session, I felt great…full of energy and very happy. We would highly recommend her energy clearing to anyone.”

Virginia & Daryl Murrow
Olympia, Washington



The testimonials listed above apply to the individuals who wrote them and are representative of their experiences. They may or may not be representative of the experiences of others and are not necessarily an indication of future performance or success. The testimonials are verifiable and were not paid for.